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There are places I'll remember 17.06.2012
Somewhere, beyond the sea 14.06.2012
Like the beaches in the movies... 03.06.2012
Young, Wild & Free 26.05.2012
One night in Bangkok... 23.05.2012
Australia Top 3... 14.05.2012
All by myself... 14.05.2012
All these things that I have done 30.04.2012
It's like paradise! 28.04.2012
Sand, sol, innsjøer, og litt mer sand! 16.04.2012
Tonights the kind of night! 11.04.2012
Such a beauiful day 09.04.2012
Get on your dancing shoes 29.03.2012
Let the Sun Shine On Your Face 23.03.2012
I believe it's getting better 02.03.2012
Let's go surfing 21.02.2012
Do you want to go to the seaside? 10.02.2012
Ferden gar videre 31.01.2012
The land of thongs 21.01.2012
Underveis 16.01.2012
Con te partirò 14.11.2011
I bet you look good on the dancefloor 05.11.2011
Surrounded by Norwegians 19.10.2011
I got a life, and I'm gonna live it 05.10.2011
Jeg utvider min franske horisont 26.09.2011
The World Spins Madly On! 19.09.2011
Life goes on, alright 12.09.2011
Sol, sol og mere sol!! 08.09.2011
De første dagene er overstått! 06.09.2011
Nesten fremme 04.09.2011
Avreisen nærmer seg 25.08.2011
Reisedatoer 05.07.2011